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Two labs on a pheasant hunt in Kansas showing their catch during the late season

After two years in the Association, I have to thank you for the superb habitat that you have leased for hunting. Every time I've been out I have seen game. The last day of pheasant season was no exception. None of my hunting buddies could go and November is a long time to wait so I had to get out one more time. I loaded up my two dogs and headed out solo to the [location deleted]. The first two fields I hunted produced no birds but it gave the dogs a chance to work out the kinks. The third field was cut Milo with good cover in the drainages. Within 50 yards the dogs had put up two hens and a rooster. Over the next 50 minutes, I harvested four roosters and lost count of the number of birds that I saw. It was a great way to end the season. I have attached a photo of the dogs with the birds. Thanks again, I am looking forward to next season.


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