Wild Pheasant Hunting Self Guided
Iowa & Kansas

Kansas wild pheasant hunting for self guided hunters that wants only wild pheasants. Too good to be true? Not only is it true it has been so since 1965. That is the only kind of hunting Mid-America Hunting Association has ever provided.

Pheasant Hunting Example

Kansas wild pheasant hunting.John- Couple of photos from 1st hunting trip.......pheasant hunted by myself and a nice guy driving by one day offered to take photo of Cooper and myself......that day we shot our 4 bird limit in 2' 30". the other photo of Coop "tailgating with birds" was accomplished in 1" 30".....neither hunt took place on opening weekend either......a word to all, take plenty of water and use a locator if using a rangy dog......CRP is heavy and tall, would never have been able to keep track of the dog or his points without a "beeper collar"........ good hunting, Richard

Kansas pheasant.

Wild Pheasant Hunting Defined

We do not plant any pheasants. The cover is 100% natural. Leasing the right private land cover/food is more economical by achieving more acreage per hunter than could be gained through hunting land purchase or habitat enhancement.

Kansas road survey spring pheasant counts.

Association hunter Jeremy conducting his own road survey.

Mid-America Hunting Association Private Land Advantages

The next hunting advantage we offer is that we make the entire state available to us. This is opposed to having a limited driving distance around a hunting lodge such as a guided outfitter.

Our lodging is by local motel. Keeping with our do it yourself hunter approach the hunter makes his own reservations. Listing provided. The motels range from too nice for muddy boots to far less than desired.

These two aspects: large hunting acreage and regional wild pheasant distribution should not be taken lightly. They are integral to our hunters returning for many hunting seasons to come rather than just one hunting trip.

Large acreage of tens of thousands of acres over the years means several hunting season quality points.

The first is it offers a range of wild pheasant population distribution. It allows that should one region have a bad weather/reproduction year it is unlikely that all hunting regions within the state has a bad year. Meaning there will always be a region of good hunting some where. We track where that somewhere will be and saving Association hunters time by avoiding the wrong areas.

Anxiety Free Pheasant Hunting

What the self guided hunter can look forward to is a leisurely approach to his pheasant hunting. This hunting is free from the anxiety of if there will be a place to hunt or if there will be pheasants.

The first anxiety relief of a hunting place grows into having more hunting land than daylight to cover. It includes variety to the cover. Native grass, brush draws and crop fields prevent boredom from hunting only one cover the entire trip. This continues that each time stepping from the truck is on a different field. No need to retrace boot prints. It includes freedom from mixing dogs with other hunters that often occurs on public land.

The next hunting anxiety relief is freedom from public land hunters. Their competitive approach to wild pheasants is to beat the other guy. The type of hunting where being cutoff is likely. Association hunter distribution system tried and tested over the years long ago developed into an approach to managed hunting that prevents mixing of dogs with others.

Scheduling anxiety is relieved as under our system as every pheasant hunter hunts on any day during the season he has available. No one is ever denied the opportunity to hunt.

What we provide is the very spot the hunter parks his truck, steps out and hunts without daily check-ins, tracking down landowners or any other activity during daylight hours other than hunting. Those areas are in two well known pheasant states of Iowa and Kansas.

No Guarantees and Plenty Of Support

As good as this all sounds it is not perfect.

Self guided wild pheasant hunting has no guarantees at all. Pheasant hunting success is based on the hunter’s design of the hunt. The birds are there, it is up to the hunter to make the hunt. Not all will.

Willingness to walk, shooting ability and dog power are what the hunter must provide, the tough things. Our recommendations of where to go hunting and the lodging listing we provide are the easy part.

From our 12 months of boots on the ground experience dating back to the 60's. Our, training and hunting our own upland bird hunting dogs means we know wild pheasants and the cover they require. We also know what region of the state where they thrive. Getting the the hunter to the pheasant land is the easy part. The hunter must have the other elements otherwise the hunting is far less than what it could be.

Average work-a-day hunters - no fancy trailers or many dogs.

Pheasant Hunting season buddies, Kansas.

No fancy equipment, small number of dogs, all needs fit into one truck. Light weight and flexible traveling wild pheasant hunters.

Out in a Kansas field.

Two Quality Self Guided Hunting Points

Two themes to be read much about is first that Association hunters enjoy their dogs above that of the pheasants. The wild pheasant are just a necessity to get to watch their dogs.

A second theme we present are many pictures of less than bag limits. To post only pictures of bag limits implies all pheasant hunting, all hunters, all dogs are capable of bagging a limit every day. All true pheasant hunters know very well that wild pheasant hunting is hard. Limits are great when they are achieved. They are never a guarantee any single day in this Association as they are not anywhere.

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