Quail Hunters - Bill

Setting The Bar

We have a new Association hunter breaking travel distance and age records showing many of us what we can reasonably expect to do with our lives.

This is Bill. He travels from his home in Alaska on a multi state upland bird hunting trip twice a year. He travels at high risk with one dog, Tigger, traveling/hunting alone. He also goes for the most difficult hunting there is, wild quail. He is enjoying life. The kicker is that he is 70 years old! He leaves little room for most of us not to get out there and enjoy our dogs and life.

Quail hunter Bill from Alaska.

Senior citizen quail hunter

Bill did not renew his Association membership the following season. He hunted western Kansas with its higher pheasant and lower quail numbers. His hunt of choice was for quail. He did not feel he found enough coveys to justify returning to hunt. We advertise this as emphasis that wild quail hunting is the toughest hunt we know of. It will take more than one trip and more than one season to get the results some other hunters show in their pictures.

Next a traveling quail hunter.

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