Quail Hunters - Crockett

Pictures from the hunt

I am sending you some pictures of my hunt.

They are of two of the four dogs that made the trip. The black and white is my LM Ace and the other is my GSP Lucy. The one of the birds was my last day to hunt and what a day. I got my limit in quail and pheasants in about 3 hours but what I will remember for a while was the double with one being a quail and one a pheasant. I had a great time and can not wait till next year. Thanks for everything.

Crockett's dogs are large musterlanders a rare breed in this Association

Mid-america hunting associatin hunting dogs of all breeds to include these large musterlanders

rare water for this part of Kansas

Private land quail hunting for the self guided hunert who simply enjoys making his hunts on his own.


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