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I had a great time quail and pheasant hunting during my second year as a member of MAHA. I enjoyed going to many new places to hunt again this year. It seemed no matter which unit I went to I met with similar results - great habitat and plenty of birds.

During my two years as a member, I have yet to go on a property more than twice. One of the properties I did go on twice was a revisit to the first property I hunted last year as a new member. I shot a limit of 4 roosters last year on the farm. I hunted the farm this year during the Kansas deer season with my hunting buddy John (who I talked into joining) and we shot a limit of 8 roosters. The farmer stopped by his tractor while feeding livestock, asked us how we were doing and wondered if we saw any deer. We told him pheasant hunting was great and that we kicked up quite a few deer, including one big ten pointer.

I was able to hunt all 3 states again this year and found the bird numbers to be significantly higher. The pheasant numbers were way up and the most coveys of quail I kicked up in a day was 7. My friend John is new to quail hunting and had a blast shooting holes in the air at quail. The jokes about needing to find a hardware store by noon for more shells, or needing a flashlight to have enough time to shoot a limit made for fun and memorable times in the field.

I am one of those people that greatly enjoy a day of hunting. I enjoy every day I hunted on MAHA ground this year and look forward to many more in the future.

Thanks, Dean

telling about a great hunting trip.

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