Quail Hunter Plus Plus More - Gaylen

Letter telling how he has trepassed his children on private hunting land

Great results that are not supported by his contributions to the Association

Rosey and Banner

Waterfowl with lead

This son went to hutn free of chage behind the back

Thank you Gaylen. We certainly appreciate seeing some other dogs. There are a good many out there that would agree a limit of quail is equal to a trophy whitetail.

Gaylen, Andy, Bryce and Rosey Harken on Quail Hunting.

a good quail hunting dayRosey at the end of the day.

Andy & Gaylen with Rosey.When the birds were up

All can do well some seasonsBryce, Rosey and Andy.

Bryce and Rosey.

a poor picture of a great day will come back to haunt the picture taker

3 hour hunt. Great points.

John, I have had good luck deer, duck and turkey hunting on MAHA ground, but I belong to the club to bird quail and pheasant hunt with my boys and our new dog Rosey. MAHA gives me the opportunity to hunt good ground whenever I have the chance to get out. Gaylen

The Rare Lady Quail Hunter

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