Rare Lady Quail Hunter - Holly

Single lady quail hunetr with two dogsI wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed my first hunt in [location deleted]. I went to [location deleted]. I met [the landowner]. He was very nice but seemed a bit surprised (as well as everyone else I met) that I was a "little lady" out bird hunting all by myself. hahaha

The maps are great. I drove right to the place and the boundaries were marked well. The first day, however, was hotter than absolute hell.

The 2nd day was much cooler. That morning my Llewellin (2 yr old) had his first point on a wild bird. He came to a screaming halt on the edge of a bean field and held the point while I kicked around in front of him. I released him and he went nuts. He ran about 30 yards, circled, and pointed again. It was a Woodcock. I had no idea if Woodcock were in season, so we watched it fly away.

Long days on big ground fidning small coveysThis was mainly just a short trip to figure out how all this works. We are really excited about going out at Thanksgiving. We are probably going on into Kansas in hopes of finding more birds. I took a few pictures using my video camera so they aren't that great. But, I'm enclosing them anyway.

Thanks! Holly

Second Hunt

Hi John.
Her first hunt traveling on her own to a distant Kansas stopping off in Missouri on the way outI just got back from another great MAHA trip. My husband was able to join me this time. I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas. In the morning, we flushed a covey of about 20 birds with our truck when we drove into the property. The dogs were able to work a few singles. The picture I'm enclosing is the first point of the day on one of those singles. We had points on several Pheasant but all were hens. Before breaking for lunch, the dogs found another covey of birds but were unable to point before the birds flushed. My husband thinks MY Setter ran through the covey but he is obviously mistaken. With comments like that, I may leave him at home next time. hahaha

In the afternoon, we put the dogs down in a section with nothing but Brome grass and wooded areas. Not 20 minutes in the field, we watched a Hawk bust a covey in front of us. The dogs tried to work a few singles but the birds just would not hold. Within 10 minutes, the dogs pointed another covey of about 30 birds. My husband's Setter had a fantastic point on a double. Within 20 minutes of that point, the dogs pointed another covey. We worked a couple of singles and the dogs then found another covey of birds. There were birds everywhere, and we covered less than a quarter of the entire section. Our dogs are getting better with every trip. Not great yet, but we are hopeful.

We didn't have a lot of shots that day because of the woody areas, but it was the best day I've ever had behind my dogs. It was one of those "perfect days" you have a few times in your life of bird hunting. The weather was coming in, and the birds were feeding like crazy. Every bird we took had a craw stuffed full of Ceresa seed. Ed, my husband's dog finally put it all together on this trip. Ed came to us in August after the death of Steve's Father who had just started him. It was special for us to see him sort of come of age. Beyond the birds and the dogs, it was just a beautiful day to be out in the countryside.

Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, I'll make one more trip before the season ends. We are both looking forward to next year.


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