Self Guided Kansas Quail Hunting Protective Cover

Kansas wild quail private land hunting protective cover may appear to be the same cover repeated. Stick with this presentation and difference will become apparent.

Kansas quail hunting protective cover.

A covey point (above). This is an average wild quail covey of around 20. The tree line with fence separates a crop field from the fallow pasture pictured. This is common cover along a fence line. Differing from a wooded line along a drainage or waterway. That difference is the thinner woody cover.

A fence line hunt frequently means as many or more will flush to the far, non-huntable, side of the fence. A waterway or drainage within a field where the flushing to either side may be more effectively pursued. A hunter without a buddy will often watch many fly out to non-huntable neighbor's land. Even in these cases some singles will fly back to huntable land on the hunter's side.

Using the links at the bottom of each page will systematically proceed through the remaining pages of this self guided quail hunt section. Showing many more Kansas wild quail habitat and hunting dog on point pictures of what is available. Many discoveries of our self guided Kansas hunts remain. We seek return quail hunters through insuring good Kansas hunting. The good hunting means wild quail and limited hunter pressure. How many go in the bag is up to that hunter.

Singles quail point in fescue.

The least productive cover, fescue. Just happens to be where the covey flushed after covey point. The adjoining bean field (seen) was why that covey was where it was.

Another Dog And Hunter

Kevin and TJ.

Double dog quail point hunter happiness

Along ago soil erosion spot. This is on a crop field that was aggressively farmed creating scrub for a covey point. That farming intensity has returned motivated by increasing grain prices.

About Kansas Wild Quail Covey Habitat

Pheasant hunters are crying about the decline of available large contiguous CRP. That is likely to continue as grain and cattle prices increase. Much former CRP land that can be put into row crop is being farmed. The other goes to cattle. meaning highly eroding land that even the farmer would not want to keep open with a plow. This land with its government paid for warm season native grass makes good late spring into summer pasture. A compliment to the more common cool season fescue pastures. Quail hunters on the other had have different challenges and benefits.

Increasing grain prices makes for more through the winter waste grain food sources for quail. Local geography provides the rest with protective cover. Kansas is known as a "Drainage State". This is the description of land that has common high elevations over a large surface area causing intermittent water drainage activity creating many draws. Or, lots of edge cover. The kind on margin protective cover that quail occupy. The higher the grain prices, the more the farming, pushing that farming onto more erosion prone land, creating more drainage edge margins. These new edges are better for quail due to more low to the ground cover. The opposed is a mature edge or "hard edge" that results from the large timber shading out lower tot eh ground where quail occupy growth. The end state is more quail habitat of food and cover side by side. Kansas wild quail covey hunting will be sustained.

Private hunting land in Kansas

A singles point from a covey pointed along a fence line. The crop field is behind the hunter.

self guided hunter pictures telling the story of the hunt

A water way left fallow cutting through a crop field.

All pictures are from pocket cameras. No professional photographers in this Association. These more crude pictures are of the hunter's eye of what is valued. Not an advertiser's attempt to showcase.

quail hunetr wlaking in to flush a quail in Kansas

Fallow edge on a grain farm cut by tree lines, drainage's and fence lines.

fence line quail point a tough one as the flush is likely to be to the otehr side

Association lease land at left, other private land at right. Guarantee the quail will flush to the other land.

Dog leaning in to the point showing style

Corn field waterway.

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