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Kansas hunting land during the upland bird seasonCorn, milo and beans common central and eastern Kansas crops.

One crop type each side of the drainage with multiple branches. The dog is on a singles quail point after the covey flush.

During season Kansas hunting pictures may appear to be bleak in terms of cover compared to the earlier fall pictures. There is more cover than shows in pictures.

With two coveys on this Kansas farm and a good, meaning warm and dry spring, hatch and brood these two coveys should expand to three. Conversely, these coveys probably would reduce to one during a bad, meaning cold wet spring.

Dog pointing quail in a Kansas corn field.At the time of these pictures this Kansas hunting lease was three years under Association control. It has had coveys ranging from one to three each of those years.

A later hunt. One dog, one hunter, one field hunt.

Kansas Quail Hunting Winter WeatherA diversion to Kansas hunting protective cover and food source is this presentation of an early season snowfall.

The common snowfall during a Kansas winter is not a hunt stopper. There will be occasional high drifted snow storms that will.

This hunter, Jason, is a long time multiple state bird hunter with pointing dogs of various breeds.

He has been an Association hunter since 1996. Some time ago he started contributing to this web site with pictures and hunting accounts telling how he has empathy for the traveling upland bird hunter. His pictures are intended for that first time traveling hunter hunting Kansas.

snow covered kansas hunting seasonHe tells how his hunting is about the pictures as the dog work.

This particular Kansas hunting picture series is somewhat unique as it includes snow. While it looks like a deep Kansas winter this early snow fall was considered a bonus for dog work. This is late November.

The text is part his account, part drawn from conversation and in part inclusive of some Association impacts. We hope all enjoy a feel for what to expect.

one great quail huntThe snow appears deeper than it is. This was the first ground accumulation for the winter during the last week in November. The tufted grass has suspended the 1-2 inch snow fall making it appear to be deeper. It started falling around 9 PM the night before this picture and melted off by 5 PM that day.

This farm, typical for Kansas watershed country, consists of lightly wooded drainage's with thin to thick underbrush. Crop fields and a fallow pasture. The point pictures are of those points out of the drainage's. The points within the underbrush Jason did not take his camera out due to falling snow from the limbs. Similarly, he did not get any shot opportunity for most points interior to the drainage.

a good hunting dog at workMore points than he remembers.

Two in the bag after a half dozen or so shot opportunities.

At right, part of the covey that flushed out from the crop field to the adjoining pasture.

Some tough shooting when the single flushes through the light wooded cover.

milo field quail coveyAbout Jason and his dog. He is a single hunter of a single dog for that special buddy effect that develops between hunter and dog. He does ride in the front of the truck on non-muddy days. Being one hunter with a single dog means that both are usually on one side of the woody cover frequently causing the quail to flush through it diminishing shot opportunity. Enough will flush out into the field or down the hunter's side edge for a hard left or right shot.

Kansas covey huntingThis farm is a 320 acre piece of a larger lease. This spot is bordered by road on three sides and a property line fence on the fourth.

This covey has existed/reproduced itself on this farm for the previous six years. Six years ago was when Jason first discovered this particular covey.

The covey from year to year as well as singles points post covey flush occupied an area of less than 5 square acres. To find any such single 5 acre spot within a 320 acres piece and have several such spots on this larger 2,700 acre upland bird unit map sheet is what makes this a self guided quail hunt rather than guided hunting. It does not take long for such covey spots to add up over the years. By the third year most have more coveys marked on their maps than hunting time to cover. All the more valuable when working that next first season pup.

quail covey on fence lineThis farm also has lightly treed interior fence lines with underbrush that bring the singles back to earth after the covey flush.

Even with knowledge of past covey finds Jason's best one day performance in this one quail unit has been 5 coveys to as little as 3. The coveys persist due to habitat and that Jason harvested just two quail this year from this covey in excess of 15+ and just 4 from the entire 2,700 upland bird unit that day. Jason, like most of the association hunters, have knowledge of several such locations and rotate through the season never hunting any covey to extinction. He cares nothing for wild flush, hunter jumped or any other quail shot presentation than from under dog point.

one days hunting pheasant and quailThe end of the day harvest picture after the snow had melted.

Four coveys, an uncounted number of points, fewer shot opportunities and one covey that did a disappearing act across a field.

Tranquil Private Land Quail Hunt Over A Competitive Hunt

This last point about Kansas self guided hunters that pay to hunt compared by another member to knock-on-door hunters is that a knock-on-door hunter is the same as the Kansas WIHA hunter. Those hunters seek to bag all they can to beat the other guy who they know will not stop shooting any chance they have.

quail in a treeFood and cover in combination with limited Kansas hunting pressure means enough dog on quail action to satisfy most who husband the resources. Slob hunters go elsewhere.

Occasional Variety

What is rarely seen and even more rare to capture in a picture and that is quail that land in trees. On this day this behavior appears to have been motivated by the fresh. The quail is at center of the picture.

This quail flew up to the tree after being flushed from a singles point allowing the dog the chance to continue sight pointing. After the second flush to the branch no shot was taken.

Enlarged below is the quail in the picture above.

close up of a Bobwhite Quail int he wild

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