Iowa Quail Hunting Protective Cover

Iowa quail hunting season during the hunt pictures with a hunetr moving in to flush a single from a dog on pointDuring the season bleak looking ground is much better in person than it appears in pictures.

Look beyond the foreground in these pictures and observe the far ground habitat characteristics for where to hunt.

All snapshots of Iowa private hunting land while after quailBobwhite will far more likely flush to the far side of any obstacle allowing many to survive to breeding season.

Or, restated. During season coveys will more likely be found at the edge and flush into higher cover than into crop fields.

Self guided quail hunts only in southern Iowa neard Beford

Outside of Corydon Iowa Quail hunters having a good hunting seasonAll of these pictures are snapshots of one spot in time and location. They all had birds as shown by dog on point. Having an idea as best as pictures can provide of the habitat to look for combined with the MAHA staff recommendations where to hunt, along with a willingness to walk, shooting ability and dog power means all will find good dog work. The question is just how much dog work will be had.

Five quail in the bag for a youth hunter where dad did not carry a gun is a great day.

No need to oversell this Association's quail hunting with many quail limit pictures. For most hunters the challenge of having the right dog power, strength/willingness to walk and shooting ability will make more less than limit days than those with full bag.

Iowa Quail Hunting Along A Fence Line

More crop land Iowa hunting showing food and cover for quailWhat cannot be seen in this picture that is off to the right is the grass waterway the covey initially flushed from.

The dog on point is on a single.

Within this region of Iowa, large grain fields of corn and soybeans are the predominate agricultural product. This farm this season was corn. The neighbor's field was soybean.

These pictures are from middle November and about 90% of the fields were cut. A lucky, earlier 12 day warm and low humidity period allowed farmers some long days running their combines. Standing crops, as they were for the October opener, would have made for impossible to hunt cover.

Iowa fence line quail coverAll singles points from the same Iowa quail covey on the same farm. A good indicator of the amount of dog work to be gained from one covey and its singles. Even on a warm day with limited wind.

Filter strip Iowa quail hunting landThick Iowa Quail Cover

There is a dog on point in there somewhere.

Just an illustration of the need for a beeper collar.

A silent bell would be hard to locate.

This quail lease is in southern Iowa near Wayne IowaThe dog is on point high right of center of the picture.

The reader is reminded this picture series is to illustrate the overall habitat as a means of calibrating the eye of the first time central mid-west self guided hunter what habitat to look for.

The dog on point is just proof there are birds in there.

By now the idea comes through. Grain crop farm land with scrub is where to quail hunt.

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