Food and Cover Missouri Quail Hunting Lease

Quail And Grain Crop Fields

Open Missouri quail hunting private farm land quail.This Missouri farm with the past crop season in soybeans means this farm will likely be in corn next year. Both crops serve quail well with through the winter food. If it were not for the grain farming this farm would not likely hold quail.

Missouri farm land quail are found on some minimalist cover. The good news is every Missouri grain field has the potential to hold a covey. That bad news is all Missouri row crop fields need to be hunted to find the coveys.

Note the shell hulls on the ground. We would like them picked up.

Being private hunting land along with the older hunter that joins MAHA typically means we do not have public lands issues such as trash left behind.

Food First Cover Second

The quail cover habitat seems as minimal as the grain field it is on. There is always more waste grain that birds will find that hunters never see. This is proven by the grain in the bird's crop when looking at the immediate ground does not appear to show any.

Birds also show us it is food first then they will make use of whatever cover is available. Such a point shows well the daylight feeding pattern coveys have covering much of any one field.

Hard running Missouri quail hunting dog retrieving a quail to her master.

A Missouri Quail Hunting Lease Looks Unassuming

River bottom hunting.The Association lease land is that from small acreage operators typically around a 2,000 acres to large corporation farms.

The collective buying power of the Association gains us access to large acreage operations with several well over 10,000 acres.

The value to the corporate farm is these farms are commodity farms. Meaning they farm for a narrow selection of crops. This is a means of minimizing farming equipment sets and maximizing experience as a method to enhance profit margins. In the region where the Association has Missouri hunting land that farming operation we seek is the grain farm. Grain means winter covey feed. Missouri also being heavily cut with rivers means lots of edge on any grain field. It then comes down to leasing the land with the most soft edge. That is where we spend the majority of our road miles and time. Looking at land.

A second quail covey value of the corporation farm being a commodity farm operation is they stick to what they grow, grain. They do not have cattle. A small acreage operator is likely to have cattle. Small operator will graze on the cut crop fields and the wildlife areas, or those areas not accessible by tractor. The Association when it comes time to spend money we have the road miles and months throughout the year to scout out much quail land. Pick the best of what is available is the answer.

Upland bird hunters benefit from not having to do this level of road work. Hunters simply hunt. No extra baggage of checking in with landowners, long conversations or offering of gifts. This will mean more dogs on the ground time. Ours being a private land operation then means more dog on quail action than public land.

Where To Go and Not Go Missouri Quail Hunting

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