Missouri Quail Hunting The Late Season

Hunting The Entire Season

Late season Missouri hunting is commonly expressed as the last half generally from December 15 to the end of the season on January 15. Within this Association of having the entire season available to hunt for the one cost any hunter may pick and choose when to hunt.

Criticism Of The Association

Missouri Quail Hunting The Late Season Missouri's day quail limit.A criticism from some is why pay for the entire season when most traveling hunters hunt one and half hunt two weeks per year. The answer is the traveling hunter is not paying to hunt the entire season. The annual fee is much less than any pay by the day outfitter guided or self guided. Pay by the day hunts must charge more due to higher hunter pressure. Our approach has worked better since 1965. Most pay by the day outfitters have less than 10 years experience. Any random search of the internet will illustrate this dynamic.

Better Seasonal Periods To Quail Hunt

It is from the period of the second week in December onward the more reliably cooler weather sets in making for every day to be a good dog day. This contrasts with the opening weeks in November when temperatures often extend into the 70's. Most quail hunters will agree cooler weather means less dog and hunter fatigue and better scenting conditions. Local quail hunters will watch the weather and hunt when cool. Few feel the anxiety of having to hunt every day they have off from work.

Traveling hunters fear if not in the field the opening two weeks then all the birds will be shot out. That fear is unreasonable.

Quail hunters are a minority. Quail hunters with the willingness to walk, shooting capability and high power dogs more rare. Compare our hunter pressure numbers to season days to acreage available. Easy math to quantify few will bump heads with another hunter in the field.

Better than the math are the two who are responsible for Association hunter hunt quality. They both train and hunt their own upland bird dogs. They know full well from each having grown from youth through AARP status quail hunter over multiple states what it means to have a good and bad hunt. They know full well quail distribution and densities by regional habitat. They will get the hunter to where he needs to hunt. They will be friendly to all and their recommendations will be to insure as much as possible that hunter will want to return for decades of hunts to come.

Another quail limit.

Snapshots Only Of Missouri Quail Hunting

How often we all have had a dog flash onto point in cover so thin the expectation of being able to see the bird on the ground is high. And, it is always a disappointment when not seen as is a missed shot in such open sky shooting. The most successful upland bird hunters have more humor than frustration with their missed shots.

A singles point well after the initial covey flush. And, a father who is more intent on capturing fleeting moments of his son that will soon become all the more rare as college, careers and new families take priority. The hope is always eternal the son will rejoin the father long before that father becomes too old to train another pup and walk miles of field.

Late season Missouri quail hunting with dog on point.

Bobwhite hunters of their own family dogs and hunting companions feel more strongly that satisfaction and enjoyment of being in the field.

This is often expressed as the feelings of regret at the season's closure. Such emotional swings may equal that of any manic depressive. The benefit is of gaining that satisfaction of having hunted enough. Looking forward to the next season even when reviewing pictures of the past get us through the long days of summer.

End of this Missouri quail hunting series.

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