Mostly Quail Hunters - Jeff, Dusty & Mark

Jeff and his dogs, Jack (French brittany), Joe, Moe and Doc (English pointers), Dusty and his dogs Besse, Sam & Buster (French brittanys).

traveling quail hunters find plent of pheasants

Quail hunetrs turned pheasant hunetrs in Kansas

A western Kansas hunting trip

On the road again chasing pheasants on private land

For the rest of us, two of this crew comes in from a state without wild bird populations. The third travels far enough requiring airline flights. That puts this crew in the highest risk category to have bad hunts. However, they always seem to have good hunts.

Doc and Jack.

Self guided hunetrs with their dogs

Joe, having a rest.

One hot hunting day during the early season


Good looking dog needs more meat on his bones to chase quail

Their mostly quail hunting continued.

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