Quail Hunters - Jerry

Old girl that did not want to sit stillJerry has been an exclusively quail hunting Association hunter since 1982.

Long time exlcusive qauil hunting dogs and hunter

Last hunt of the season. Six quail for 11 year old Belle is a good day.

Younger better days too bad about getting oldThanks for another excellent quail hunting season. I hunt by myself most of the time, as you know, so I don't usually try to turn it into a marathon. Some days I may hunt three or four hours and on other days I might hunt an hour or two. I averaged about three coveys a day which I think is pretty good for one guy with a ten year old dog. It says a lot for the quality of the lease land acquired by the club.

I tried not to take more than a bird or two out of a covey. I figure I'm not the only guy in the club that would like to get a few birds so I try not to get greedy. I get as many as I care to eat and don't really see much point in shooting more than that. I might add, Jon, that I never hunted the same property unit more than twice all season which is a real testimonial to how much good land is available.

Thanks again. I really appreciate all of the hard work you do putting all of this together.

Sincerely, Jerry

One of the better quail hunts with his best girl

Letetr now more than 10 years old

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