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The Hunting

Self guided Kansas wild quail hunting on private land. Season long hunting availability. We provide the land, the hunter makes his own quail hunt.

Private land wild quail Kansas hunting for self guided hunts.

Most will agree a picture of a good hunting dog is better than a limit. This is Kelley, a field trial prospect reject. She turned into one very good hunting dog.

See this dog hunt in video.

Who We Are

Mid-America Hunting Association has existed since 1965 providing private Kansas hunting land wild quail from its first day of existence.

The Association hunters are entirely composed of average upland bird hunters who seek land access beyond that of public or knock-on-door.

This is a self guided hunting organization. No guides or outfitters to say where, when or how to hunt. It is for those that enjoy hunting their own dogs.

A late season Kansas hunt.

Late season hunting in Kansas showing part of a slow to rise covey, Tommy. Steady to point, wing and shot.

How Self Guided Kansas Hunting Trips Are Made

quail hunting telephone reseravtionsHunting is by a telephone reservation. It is located on an online road map library of all Kansas hunting land in inventory.

The reservation is to a live person with immediate confirmation. We will assist with Kansas hunting recommendations based on these maps.

Kansas private land hunting without knocking on doors or tracking down landowners.

We will work at developing an itinerary for each hunting day. Once the reservations are made the hunter simply drives to the reserved Kansas land and hunts. No knocking on doors, no checking in with the landowner, no time spent not hunting.

That one part about after the Association staff gives ideas of where to hunt and the reservation is made. The hunter is then responsible for the rest of his hunt. The tough part is the willingness to walk, shooting ability and dog power. The Association staff that does hunt their own upland bird dogs knows full well how hard wild Bobwhite hunts can be.

Lodging is by local motel with a listing available from the Association. Hunters make their own reservations.

One old quail dog with a Kansas limit.

A day's end, Jack and Fred. This was a one day hunt that saw boots on the ground on pieces of land totaling 700+ acres with another 1,110 there was just not enough daylight to hunt.

Wild Quail Only On Natural Grain Farm Terrain

All must have a willingness to walk as all hunting is on true wild quail over much grain field edge cover.

More Kansas hunting land will be available to hunt each day than there will be daylight hours available. Each may be hunting a different spot each time stepping from the truck each day, every day of the trip without crossing his tracks or mixing dogs with another.

Protective cover will be edge ranging from grass, to brush to mature trees. All will be along waterways, fence lines and wood patches adjoining grain fields.

There is a tranquility to be gained from the satisfaction of having hunted enough at the end of each trip. That tranquility comes from the Kansas hunting land and the coveys are out there. It is the hunter hunts at his own pace to find them. It is the speed of that pace that often determines the coveys found. All without the distraction of being cutoff by another or knocking on doors hoping someone is home that may grant access.

Kansas private land quail hunt on your own hunting limit for two.

Dogs from the same Kansas hunters about 27 years apart above and below. That is Jon Nee at right. One of the two of us who will assist with recommendations of where to hunt.

A long history of self guided quail hunts.

Mid-America Hunting Association Private Land Advantages

The advantage you get with this hunting Association is we are on MAHA's Kansas private lease land year round observing nesting, food, cover and weather effects that creates a calibrated eye of what type of hunting land to lease in the future.

Kansas hunting also offers the most quail habitat variety. That habitat is over grain field edged with tree lines, fence rows, grassed waterways, brush and fallow ground. Next are the brush filled draws and through grain field waterways. The final cover that is unique to Kansas, will offer a chance at pheasants is the native or tall grass.

Value Is More Than Quail In The Bag

The best aspect often told to us by new to the Association hunters is the ability to go hunting without mixing dogs up with other hunters. Or, falling in on the heels of others. This leaves the day to those that enjoy the company of their dogs above all else. Many who hunt several years in the Association soon begin hunting alone from other hunters as they become a nuisance to the day with the dog.

All may be hunting on their schedule, on game productive habitat at anytime during the Kansas season. The only way to beat what we offer is to lease your own twenty thousand acres of Kansas land and keep everyone off it. Until then we are the best average hunter Kansas option.

Kansas Quail Hunting Comparison

The difference remains that Kansas includes pheasant.

Kansas also offers one more option to the do it yourself upland bird hunter. That is the Prairie Chicken. This added adventure of covering new ground after a different bird adds that extra bit of motivation we all need when the walks seem to get longer.

For the Bobwhite Quail purist he will find that as well. The Kansas watershed grain farming region is where the coveys will be found. It is out from the tall grasslands and cattle range. It is in this country where the pheasant is as rare as the Prairie Chicken. This is where coveys have the transitional edge cover with warm weather bug and cold weather waste grain food sources that keep them anchored.

Our Kansas winter weather allows good hunting through January.



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