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The Hunting

Missouri private land self guided quail hunts.

Missouri quail hunting

Average hunters with limited hunting dogs.

How Self Guided Hunts Are Made

Association 2017 Missouri hunting land on map at right.

Hunters have access to an online Missouri hunting land map library. That library shows each hunting lease location on a road map.

For days the hunter wants to hunt he makes a telephone reservation for that land.

Come his first hunting day he drives to his hunting land. He puts out his dogs and hunts.

The Mid-America Hunting Association Upland Bird Hunting Value

Hunters may hunt on their schedule. All may select from any time during the entire Missouri hunting season.

All may hunt as they see fit meaning when, where and at what pace. Limits exist on the number of dogs on the ground at one time. The number of times any one quail unit may be hunted. No guests. No off road vehicles. No horses. This is a foot hunter organization for the average quail hunter who wants to enjoy his limited vacation days. No dog trainers, field trialers, breeders, video production, or guides permitted.

Each may step out of their truck onto a different field each time doing so, every day, on every trip and never cross his tracks.

No need to mix any ones dogs in the field with another.

Association Missouri hunting land is hunter pressure controlled preventing any one hunter or group from repeatedly hunting the same coveys to extinction.

Those that hunt over the years will be able to map their covey finds. Most get to the point of more known covey locations than time in a season to hunt. The next first season pup will then be able to get on more quail in a short time making a better dog.

Quail in Missouri.All Missouri hunting is on crop field edge cover of fence lines, waterways, drainage and fallow ground. More miles of quail edge cover than any hunter has hunt in him.

At the close of the day each will have the satisfied feeling of having hunted enough. This develops into a more tranquil approach from having confidence the coveys are out there, there is plenty of land and the hunter can take his time on the hunt.

Quail Hunting Is Our Highest Risk Hunting

Not every day is a limit day.

Less than a day's quail limit

The first Missouri hunt and the first quail season will be the worst hunt and season.

The first issue is not even about the quail.

The hunter will be stepping out onto private Missouri hunting land he has not and likely will never meet the landowner. Most feel a hesitation in the gut about being on the right land when they have not personally met and shaken hands with the landowner. That will pass.

The Association with its collective buying power is able to acquire the hunting lease on large Missouri corporate farming operations of many thousands of acres. Any farmer encountered on such land is more likely to be an employee or a tenant farmer rather than the owner.

This is also a case where the Association with its collective financial capability and average work-a-day hunter cost that bring back into quail hunter access land that would be well beyond the buying power of any individual or small group of hunters. These same corporate farms do not allow knock-on-door access simple due to the door to be knocked on is likely not to be found. These corporate farms are further business that exist solely to transition land into useful income. They actively seek out the Association for a business relationship. They do not want to be bothered with individual hunters seeking to ingratiate themselves into hunting access for free.

Missouri quail hunting

This young hunter does not always want to give up his quail.

Wild quail and pheasant hunting in Missouri.

Missouri is primarily for quail. Pheasants are occasional.

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