Missouri Quail Hunting - High Risk Hunt

Small Farm Hunting Lease

The Association does lease hunting land from small Missouri farming operations. These farms it is likely the hunter will encounter the landowner. This will be a wide range of encounters matching a range of personalities. These encounters will cover from the landowner seeking hunter identification to protect the lease to those that enjoy a two hour conversation.

Private Land Hunting Hesitation

To over come any internal hesitation about trespassing onto private land and doing so rightfully will develop with time. It will take a day or two of learning the road maps provided by the Association marking Association quail lease land are accurate. They are the same maps generated by the State and used by county fire, water, electrical and road services. The road names on the maps and those on signposts at road intersections will match.

Missouri Wild Quail Is Our Highest Risk Hunting

Quail is our highest risk hunting due to dog power, willingness to walk and shooting ability.

Dog Power

Old dog Missouri quail hunting that was a long time at quail and slow hunting.


Tough shooting conditions will be encountered.

Tough quail shooting conditions.


This Association has from year to year about 40 to 50% of all its upland bird hunters being traveling hunters. Frequently from states without native wild quail populations. All want to believe their dog has the capability to hunt wild quail and do so to high standards. That has never been and never will be.

No Coveys

Each season the Association will hear from hunters that say no quail were found and they hunted hard. That is a strong statement when Missouri is one of the two top wild quail states.

The issues that surface in such discussions are linear edge running, check-back, ground coverage, steadiness to point and retrieving. All dogs to varying extent have all of these traits. It is a few dogs that have all these traits. It is in these discussions about bad quail hunts that one or more of these traits are the root cause for bad hunts.

This web page is not the place to define how each of these wild quail dog hunting traits apply to Missouri quail hunting. For this page let the Association and the reader agree that Association wild quail hunts are tough.

Where to go quail hunt.

No better example of where to quail hunt than the cover seen while the dog retrieves a quail.

Ground Coverage and Walking

Reasonable expectations of just how many coveys will be found in a day.

Assuming all that prerequisite dog power exists it will require the hunter to cover ground. Just how many coveys will be found in a day's hunt is a frequent question that is answered by dog power and hunter walking capability combined.

One Example Of Ground Coverage

A more descriptive number figure to put to daily covey finds will be through two dogs trained and currently hunted by Association partner John Wenzel. One is an eight covey a day dog the other is at best, on a good day, a four covey per day dog. The walking ability remains the same as it is the dog that is variable in this example and not the hunter. The difference between the two dogs is largely ground coverage. The eight covey dog runs wider, has great direct eye sight check-back and is very steady to point. The other dog walks as much as runs and stays close.

The eight covey limit per day on the good dog is the daily bag limit is eight. Anyone finding eight coveys with all the singles points we get from a covey that does not quit hunting either is breaking bag limits or cannot shoot.

Missouri quail hunting in Native grass.

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