Duck Hunting Over The Years

Duck hunting has been a long time business for this Association dating back to the first enhanced wetlands built in 1981. Before that time the Association waterfowl hunter made due with whatever nature provided on her own.

The picture below is of one of those special dogs in our history as seen on one of our duck hunting enhanced natural wetlands. We distinguish between our wet and dry land as well as those ares more suited for goose over duck hunting.

missouri duck hunting private land self guided

Duck Hunting History

This duck hunting section covers pictures dating through our entire history. The intent is to show we have been in the waterfowl business a long time, that we know very well the better Missouri waterfowl areas and we simply enjoy pictures.

There can never be too many youth hunter pictures.

This section covers both our waterfowl hunts and the people that hunt them. A review of our Missouri wetlands and blinds alone is also available.

Duck Hunting Choice

Flexibility of when to hunt, where to hunt and hunt the entire range of available migratory birds.

Missouri hunts are primarily after Mallards within the Missouri portion of the Mississippi Flyway. There are others such as the Merganser, as a bonus.

In the background is one of our Missouri waterfowl areas built for chest wader accessibility. The blind is on the far left with the shooting pool show immediately behind the hunter and to the right.

Missouri Waterfowl and Location

This shooting pool is 40+ acres of water with 2 blinds, no wade-in areas. Surrounding this marsh edge is farm ground and timber. The key facet however is location along a key micro flyway. It is part of a larger watershed that aligns with the migration from the Central Flyway. Dominating this locality is the Missouri River watershed out of Montana to where it joins the Mississippi Flyway. Just how refined location can be with the better Missouri waterfowl areas is illustrated by what we do not spend money on. Just three hours drive east we turned down an offer to lease a large WRP development at half the cost of the one pictured. That decision was entirely based on location off the local micro flyway.

Pictured are two hunters that have been in the Association for over 20 and 10 years respectively. They make an annual trip getting together for their Missouri duck hunting event of the year making memories and friendships anew each season. At this point in their hunter career it is a matter of enjoying the day.

The hunter on the left starts his hunts in Canada in September works his way south with Missouri his primary focus especially so for the last 8 - 10 seasons.

Every hunter can work his own dog and any hunter that does not have a dog no longer has an excuse not to have one. All may hunt with their dog each time out. Dog work is also safe due to our lower water levels and easy access to the waterfowl sites meaning boats are not necessary. However, during the freeze/thaw cycles we have each winter a dog needs a flotation device.

Unlike public waterfowl areas, within this Association, in most cases after the hunt four wheel access to retrieve equipment is permissible. In this case the blind was back in the trees, they also shot from one of the wade-in areas.

Our hunts are made to best serve the interest of the hunter having a good hunt. In this case of truck access near the water's edge the hump in and out of the blinds was a 1/4 mile. Come prepared for a self guided waterfowl experience rather than a guide service with a near by lodge with wet bar.

A big reminder is courtesy to any other hunters that may be on the water. That means vehicle movement well after the day's hunt is done.

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