Unguided Duck Hunting

Dry Season

The blind still worked in spite of the water several feet away.

Every three years or so the fall season may start off after a dry period with some water levels not up to management levels. This blind is such a case on a wetlands dependent on "free" water from a watershed rather than one of our pumped or reservoir lake water supplied wetlands.

While there were other wet blinds these hunters chose to hunt a favorite during an early season hunt using both dry and wet sets.duck wetlands atv use

ATV's for some wetlands and several blinds are encouraged. Part of the penalty of unguided duck hunting is the hunter has to do the nug work. The better advice is to bring one until learning the wetlands and blinds that require them or don't for ease of transport.

Late season duck hunting. Breaking ice sometimes required.

Late season mallards coming into feed on Japanese millet.

A late season goose hunt on a pond.

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