Kansas City Duck Club

kansas city duck clubsKansas City duck hunters are in a good geographic location to hunt Mid-America Hunting Association waterfowl attracting wetlands.

Kansas City Waterfowl Areas

Shown on this map are the Mid-America Hunting Association enhanced natural wetlands available for waterfowl hunting.

kansas city duck clubs missouri waterfowlWhile the map above seems to have Kansas City surrounded on three sides it is not that we select our wetlands relative to any area other than where waterfowl want to be. These Missouri wetlands are within the three sub-basins that compose the larger Lower Missouri River Basin and the wetlands are further defined within the micro flyways of of those sub-basins. The key factor of these micro flyways are larger standing water structure within the agricultural regions of Missouri. This brings the right combination of water and food that with our frequently mild winter weather creates the conditions for migration layover.

We offer this short description as we do fight an identity bias that we are a Kansas City Duck Club, we would rather not have that identity. The identity we seek is that we a business and as a business we seek to spend money where we get the most return for our hunters. In this case it is to spend money within the micro flyways developing existing wetlands to maximize their waterfowl attracting characteristics, regardless of their location relative to any metropolitan area. It is the single minded focus that a quality hunt is based on quality habitat and that is what sustains our membership.

Another aspect that we seek to be known is that we are a waterfowl hunting business rather than a club and as a business we are free of the strings that come with a social organization. With our approach every hunter is treated friendly without any friendship influencing how any one hunter is treated.

Great day for dad and youth hunters.

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