Goose Hunting

Goose Hunts

self guided goose hunting

Goose hunts along with ducks is common on both water and field sets.

Having been in the goose hunting business for decades has led to an interest in waterfowl trends. In the case of the Canada Goose it has been the steadily increasing size of the year round population that finds no need to migrate.

goose wetlands

Canada Goose Hunting is Sought

canada goose

A field set combined with a farm pond water set. Plenty of light geese to hunt and most that goose hunter regular seek Canada's.

Goose hunting over crop stubble and water sets mostly in Missouri, some more in Kansas and very little in Iowa.

When it comes to goose hunting it is easy to show large goose harvests from multiple hunters over large spreads for those that practice the goose calling/decoying discipline. We offer more than that.

Crop stubble farm field goose hunting or from farm ponds, watershed lakes or along rivers during the coldest part of the winter. Our year round waterfowl population combined with migratory flocks makes for some diverse do it yourself goose hunter opportunities. It is largely routine that we have goose hunting throughout the season with exceptional good hunts during the migration both fall and return.

Many small farm ponds such as the one pictured below well away from a crop field will host a nesting goose pair or more that once occupying any small pond seem to return in greater numbers each year.

Overall, such ponds number well into the hundreds of various sizes and locations across our Missouri, Kansas and Iowa lease land. Most of the best ones are outside of routine human observation from roads or farm yards. While thousands of ducks and geese will not inhabit these small areas they do attract them by the hundreds during the migration and are areas where routine hunter activity is rare. These areas typically host a single goose hunting party per season as there are more opportunities than hunters to cover as most stick to the duck blinds.

For most waterfowl hunter dedicated goose hunting trips are after the regular waterfowl season as during duck hunts plenty of Canada Geese will be harvested incidental to duck hunts and done so from our blinds

It has become more the case in the last 10 years within the Missouri River Basin of the Mississippi Flyway that what was traditional and strictly duck wetlands composed of timber and other closed in habitat have been resting areas for more of what used to be open water loving geese. This is especially the case for the more open water wetlands that we flood from the slough through the trees to cover crop ground. In any case those that do seek a traditional crop stubble field goose hunting experience will find hundreds of acres of farms with ponds, irrigation lakes or watershed lakes that combine to attract thousands of geese across our hunting leases.

missouri goose huntingMissouri Offers Our Best waterfowl Hunts For Both Goose and Duck.

Part of a Canada Goose flock that makes one of our private Missouri wetlands their year round home. Pictured during July and after the ducks took flight. While the Canada Goose is the preferred goose to hunt we have plenty of of other geese to hunt during the early, regular, late and spring seasons.

It is common for our waterfowl hunters to hunt early duck to get a hunt in, pheasant hunt while waiting for peak migration, hunt the peak hard, hunt late goose, finish off January pheasant hunting, hunt spring goose and spring turkey and then require summer to take a breather to start over again in September.

Canada goose in lightWhat MAHA brings to self guided goose hunting is the opportunity to hunt geese over a variety of wetlands and the hunter may select where he wants to hunt.

Having the chance to hunt over our large constructed Missouri wetlands or natural small water and crop field combination in Missouri and Kansas makes for more opportunity and locations than any one hunter will find time to hunt. What a great problem it is to have too many hunt spots!

Continuing with the links below will gain access to increasingly greater levels of detail to include goose hunter testimonials, hunting success pictures and our Missouri wetlands.

Waterfowl As Seen By Others

goose in flight

"...while out quail hunting on a farm with cut milo and winter wheat these geese and ducks wanted in and we were in their way. We saw flocks all day long..."

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