Canada Goose Hunting

Canada Goose hunting is widespread within this private land Association. The geese work our land throughout Missouri, eastern Kansas and to a lesser extent in southern Iowa.


Jacob's Crew.

Hunts are both regular and late season.

Geese are the most abundant species of game available to hunters in the Association. Most of the leases outside our Missouri managed wetlands receive less waterfowl hunter pressure. This provides quality alternative for the local or traveling hunter.

The season begins with a 10 to 15 day early September season in Missouri. Iowa has a late September season. Kansas begins around Halloween.

It closes in Iowa January 10, Missouri the end of January and Kansas mid-February. The season begins with a 10 to 15 day season late September in Missouri and Iowa. (last year they were almost the exact same dates).

Our Canada Goose hunting is over managed wetlands, irrigation and watershed lakes, ponds, sloughs and hundreds of crop stubble and wheat fields ranging from 80 to1000 acres. Over 80,000 acres alone are available to hunt within the Lower Missouri River Basin in Missouri alone. That land access is by our telephone reservation system without any need to locate the local landowner.

Decoys are provided by the hunter. ATV’s are allowed, except for use on green wheat fields and extremely wet crop fields.

Weather conditions vary year by year, but typically peak migration is when it gets good and cold, mid to late December on.

Our most successful hunters take their private land lease maps and scout. They scout from their vehicle until they finding where the geese are working, make a reservation to hunt accordingly on a nearby Association lease. The telephone reservation will not deny any hunter the chance to hunt. The reservation insures no one is doubling up on the same field.

late season

Layout blinds and field spreads have become very popular to the Midwest Canada goose hunter. They are comfortable, break the wind and conceal the hunter to the max used properly. The wind remains the most commented hunt effect.

Association hunters are able to hunt unpressured geese on tens of thousands of acres of private land in Missouri, Kansas and Iowa. For Canada Goose hunting all may practice the art of decoying, calling and camouflage with the flexibility of being able to hunt anytime during the entire season. The potential for success is further enhanced by having large acreage to scout out where the geese are then hunt.

2017 Acreage

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