Snow Goose

missouri snow goose huntingA short snap shot into one snow goose hunting trip during the late season.

Al and Jon on a cold day. Al hunts in Kansas and Missouri.

The last couple of cold spells seemed to concentrate the snow geese in many of our northern regions, but it appears they disperse as the weather warms bands on a snow gooseup, so the hunting has been hit and miss for those willing to brave the challenge.

On several recent land runs, we've watched some big snow goose flocks working the corn and wheat fields. From a heated vehicle it looks easy, but sitting on the ground for hours in the frigid cold, with 15 to 25 mph wind gusts is brutal. Those snow goose hunters that have prevailed certainly have given good reports.

These are photos from a recent snow goose hunt. The last two seasons, Al (first picture on left) has been willing to share his aggressive knowledge of snow goose hunting to the future generation (Jon on right). On both occasions, they were fortunate enough to harvest banded birds and have developed a personal competition comparing the most duck and goose bands.

Notice the Mid-America Hunting Association sign, flock of Snow Geese in the field?

As an unguided hunting organization many seek to find that particular formula of actions that will lead to success. Many inquire as how they too can be as successful as the hunters seen in pictures. Often we are quizzed at how to conduct self guided snow goose hunts especially by those traveling from out of state. To all the answer is the same. The first is to learn the wildlife, second scout, third is the hunt itself. We provide the private lease land resource the rest is left to the hunter. Otherwise, a hunter should seek a guide service.

What is a common snow goose hunting technique is to scout to find an area the snow geese are using, setup on one of our crop fields near that area, call and decoy tot he hunter's skill level. Simple to write and time consuming to put into practice. those snow goose hunters that do have enough recurring success to keep hunting.

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