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Staff is a qualified term with this Association. The two partners, Jon Nee and John Wenzel, and one secretary are the full time staff that work with the landowners, service members, run the web site and clean the office. Bruce pictured above is the third man that makes the wetlands part of the Association possible. His extra effort puts us over the edge for getting the wetlands drained in the spring, planted through the summer, blinds covered and flooding in the fall.

Mid-America Hunting Association and specifically Jon Nee and Bruce Johnson has been in the Unguided duck hunting business for a long time. While the Association has been building wetlands from the 1960's the past 25 years and all current wetlands have been designed, built and supervised directly by Jon Nee and Bruce Johnson. Both of these gentlemen have a passion for duck hunting that motivates the extra effort to tweak all the variables to make for the best possible hunting. This includes water level controls both inflow and outflow, planting, brush and tree cutting, dirt work and blind placement. There is a lot of pride in this effort.

As we have three states to select from where to spend the majority of our effort we choose Missouri due to its topography of the lower Missouri River Basin and large amount of standing water. While our Missouri wetlands are officially part of the Mississippi Flyway we draw ducks from the Central Flyway that follow the Missouri River. With the right water level in the wetlands, food we plant and open water placement relative to the blinds when the migration is on we have ducks.

Jon Nee the owner and operator shown in one of the rare relaxed office periods was the general manager of Mid-America Hunting Association for the founders when in 1981 the last founder sold out to Jon with Jon taking sole proprietorship.
Jon Jr, TJ, Jon Sr and Bruce. Bruce and Jon have always been unguided duck hunters knowing full well the quality of hunt expected to earn return membership.

Association partner John Wenzel while having been raised a waterfowl hunter found with advancing years the wetlands mud getting deeper and more time occupied turkey, deer and upland bird hunting.

In either case of those that call in to inquire of the Association they will talk to Jon Nee or John Wenzel both of whom are directly responsible for each Association unguided hunter's hunt quality. And, being hunters themselves as well as each having walked every bit of land the Association has for hunting they know full well the challenges all will face.

That is it for the staff as we are committed to a lean operation making more money available for hunting lease costs.

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