Waterfowl Leg Bands & Neck Collars

Bands whether leg bands or neck collars are to all of us are special for no good reasons.

There are more non waterfowl hunters than there are waterfowl hunters in this Association. This page's text is for the non waterfowl hunter while its pictures are for the avid duck and goose hunter.

Bands to waterfowl hunters is the same as the difference between a simple book deer and a top 25% trophy whitetail. Another corollary would be to compare harvesting a duck or goose with a leg band equal to a limit of Bobwhite Quail. Another statement of their value is the increased shooting tempo of any group of goose hunters when a collared goose sets its wings to land in the spread.

Any way it is described, leg bands and neck collars simply make a good thing better. It needs no further explanation.

These pictures are just a sampling of some of the bands collected by Mid-America Hunting Association waterfowl hunters.

canada goose leg band

At the time of this picture this young hunter was 20 years old. That is his fifth band!

Double money band.

Same Snow Geese above and below. The snows above are just about dead center in the picture below.

snow goose neck bands

Red neck band in the upper left quadrant.

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