Not A Missouri Duck Club

We build and camouflage our own blinds.

unguided missouri duck club

Long after the regular duck season ended a father and two boys went out for some unguided goose hunting meaning time alone together without another. A small point for most except those with youth hunters in the family. After daylight scouting of several ponds found one with geese, setup, called in and made an early afternoon of it.

We draw a distinction between a duck hunting business and a duck hunting club. We are a business, not a duck club.

A duck club has several versions and often goes along the lines of a small group that pools assets for a single blind lease or builds/maintains a wetlands. A club comes with the inherent bias of the chief operators both for design and operation.

A duck hunting business is in contrast to the duck club as a business the operating decisions are based on the single objective of good duck hunts as a means to secure return customer - duck hunter business. Personal preferences are put to the side in favor of that which draws a good income. The value to the duck hunter is those business decisions to secure that income are designed to make the better duck hunts.

In our case we operate as a business and are duck hunters ourselves with an understanding of the nuances and mechanics of what makes a wetlands work.

When it comes to decision making as an duck hunting business and not being a duck club means a more selective and refined decision making approach. In this case re-enforcing a levee to withstand flood conditions was a business decision for better duck hunts and not a club committee decision that as with all club approaches means compromise.

duck club

Judging the size of the bulldozer gives good reference just how large this MAHA wetland has potential to be. This is only a freshly groomed levee. 50+ surface water acres extends to the right past the trees for over 1/2 mile.

A day when mostly gadwall were moving through.

Missouri gadwall ducks

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