Dog Power

Dog power and how it relates to this Association was written due to recurring comments from readers of this web site that there was a bit of intimidation. That intimation was that an applicant may not be good enough for the Association. A second concern was that he did not have the trained or disciplined dog to bring onto Association lands. We want to dispel both of these ideas.

This is Max. He has several pictures throughout this web site. He is example how within any one hunter's lifetime hunting career there will be one, maybe two exceptional dogs. Max was one of those exceptional dogs. By whatever means of timing, skill, devotion or breeding, Max was a retriever to beat the best of them. Each picture is cherished for the flood of memories such dogs bring back of those special days.

missouri duck hunting dog

Max was special as were the ducks he retrieved. They were his ducks. He would share them with his master. But anyone else that moved to touch a duck world suffer Max's growl.

Dogs and Their Hunters

First about the Association hunter. He is the average hunter who has limited to no land resource. Buys his own equipment as opposed to having sponsors. Trains his own dogs through pride. Spending the money to pay to hunt is a sizable decision. With the most important characteristic being a desire to have a good day in the field watching his dog work. And, he can have that dog work away from the eyes of others.

waterfowl hunting dogs duck and goose

Kris with her quail hunting dog

We know of no other illustration that better shows that all hunting dogs are welcome.

hunting dogs on quail

Hunting and Otherwise Dog Power

Dog power runs the widest range of skills and discipline within the Association.

There are absolutely great blind retrievers spot on to whistle and voice. There are other dogs whose owners were either less skilled or less dedicated trainers. These dogs being more of a pet than refined hunter. That is ok.

This is first a private land self guided hunt execution organization and second a dog friendly organization. All dogs are welcome.

We do have occasions of other than the more common hunting dog breeds as well. For all there is separation enough between hunters that those with the highly disciplined, average through to the family pet out to have fun, may all enjoy their day without interfering with others.

Retrievers, Flushers, Versatile

retrievers flushers versatile dog hunting
We attempt with every picture to add text for putting that picture into context. This is a means to take away some of the mystery about our private wetlands self guided hunts. In this case, the picture's value is this hunter is on a farm pond field duck hunt. This hunt is different than on our enhanced natural wetlands. That difference being on this field hunt that includes a combination wet and dry spread, the hunter provides his own portable blind and that for his dog. Such details are provided throughout this web site. Much of this also comes through that even though all hunts are do it yourself we emphasize no one is left entirely to his own resources. The Association is always just a telephone call away. They expect to talk to all especially that first year in the Association. They also run an Association hunter buddy hunt list. This is a method where Association hunters of similar interest may team up to hunt together.

Dog power is defined through execution and left to the hunter.

The Association capability the hunter can exploit with his dog regardless of he power level is wide. That capability is to both waterfowl and upland bird hunt his dogs. That brings a wide range of bird species that combined with the Association variety of habitat frequently finds fit with any dog and his hunter.That fit is to dog power and hunting style will more likely have higher success for one kind of bird and or habitat than another. This Association provides that range of hunting to find that fit.

Waterfowl hunting is for all migratory birds. The Associations private wetlands of marsh, open water and flooded crop with permanent blinds, crop fields for pure do it yourself hunts, wade-in areas, layout boat areas, ponds and lakes for combination wet and dry sets are available to each hunter.

Upland bird hunting starts with dove and Prairie Chicken. It carries through pheasant and quail season. Much overlap occurs between waterfowl and upland bird seasons making both hunts available on the same trip. All wild birds on 100% private land. These birds cover a range of habitat from crop edge, to brush filled draws, to tall grass.

Hunt your dog from permanent blinds, portable blinds, dry land, marsh and combination wet and dry spreads. Bring your camera as Association hunts are free of the competitive attitude present on public wetlands. Most hunters will add more than a couple of pictures of their dogs in the albums each season.

While the Association offers a lot of hunt it is understood hunt time is limited. The Association two partners, Jon Nee and John Wenzel, cover all Association lands throughout the year. They will get the hunter to the point of where to park their truck, release their dog and hunt.

We are not a dog club. We are a hunt execution organization. This is repeated throughout the web site further showing our distinction from duck clubs and waterfowl hunter training web sites.

This theme's repetition on this page is to gain understanding. As a hunt execution organization dog presence on the Association's private land is during the season only. No pre or post season dog training permitted.

We have more dog rules. Any dog on Association lands must be owned by the Association member. No guest dogs. No commercial dog training during the season. We list those here to identify the Association exists for the every day hunter that has his own dog for his own hunting enjoyment.

Each hunter will have an itinerary long before he leaves home of where he will be hunting. Lodging will be by local motel with the Association yellow pages listing dog friendly motels.

For each trip the Association hunter can call the partners to develop their plans. Most communicate well their first couple of years planning each trip. After a while most hunters develop favorite spots, return to them frequently while at the same time feel no hesitation about exploring new regions. In short the Association hunter need not know where to hunt, we give all a jump start. Once he settles the next satisfaction of having lost any anxiety about a place to hunt translates into just how much hunting can be fit into one season.

The Association's combined dry and wetlands habitat and mix of birds gives all the chance to hunt all. That level of exposure will show one combination over another a better fit for any level of dog power and hunting style. That hunter may then concentrate within that successful combination for the remaining, all too short of a life, of that dog.

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