Missouri Waterfowl Hunting

Missouri waterfowl hunting capabilities within this Association are well defined throughout the pages of this web site. This page covers less of the Association capabilities and more of the intangible finer points that makes it all work

missouri waterfowl huntingOne example of a banger day and not representative of every trip.

Al and Frank two of a group that now totals eight adults that come together for various hunts throughout the season.

When they show a picture with the canoe that is a giveaway they were hunting other than Association permanent blinds. The blinds having chest wader shooting pools do not require a boat to retrieve. This group is without a dog and use the canoe for deep water retrieve on ponds, sloughs, lakes.

Self guided Missouri waterfowl hunting is balancing the wetlands with over all Association hunter profiles. The intent is never to have more waterfowl hunters than blind space for them. Further counted into the equation are the field hunters as well as the growing population of wade-in and layout boat hunters.

This works well for most of the season having blinds available at ay time. Usually blinds are open on each of our wetlands areas. The other than usual times include the opening weekend and during sharp peak migrations. During those periods sharing blinds does happen. That point alone about the need to share blinds at select times when normally it is not a case does spoil the hunter.

We ask all remind them selves to review the price they are paying to waterfowl hunt. Compare that price to the number of blinds, wetlands and combination wet and dry field set available. Any one hunter's annual costs do not even pay the pumping cost of one wetlands. In the case of this Association having on occasion to share a blind is part of the cost to be able to hunt ducks from north to south and west to central Missouri. Any waterfowl hunter that has built a blind or a wetlands or even held a single blind or wetlands lease will argue that sharing a blind on occasion is just a small thing.

Example of one of our Missouri waterfowl hunting reports.

The best of our information is 1-3 days old.

From one of our wetlands.

Duck season started out with some above average early hunting, but the temperatures averaged over 70 degrees, which created hit or miss hunting.

The water conditions in Henry County have been as dry as we have seen in over 20 years. Many members have been used to the close drive to Henry County and were not willing to make the drive to our wetlands in the north zone, but still enjoyed some decent hunting on the water that was available.

Last weeks abrupt cold front froze the wetlands in both the middle and north zones, but some of the best mallard hunting is yet to come for the dedicated hunter with the decoys and gear to make it happen.

Scouting for open water and fields the geese are using will be up to the hunters from now till the end of the season. Good luck and be careful with the ice and water that is over chest wader in depth.

Missouri Waterfowl Hunting On Enhanced Natural Wetlands

The next refinement is that wetlands that comprise the core of the Association duck and goose hunts are within those micro flyways that yield the best hunts. That however, does not extent to us knowing from day to day where the best goose and duck hunts will be. This balance between being a self guided hunter organization contrasting to a guide outfitter shows well what is and is not a reasonable expectation.

Reasonable expectation is always a sensitivity to us due to the range of hunters in the Association. Many times the expectation of hunt quality is outside that reasonable of hunting in any case of guided or unguided. The many pictures on this web site represent the best of the days over several seasons. They are not intended to show the routine day. For most there are more days of less than limits than there ever will be days with limits.

Late Season Goose Hunt

Young men with the drive and determination to make it happen. An old fashion do it yourself goose hunt.

Hunting on your own does mean some uncertainty and greater satisfaction when the hunt is good. Our Missouri waterfowl hunting offers just that. No guarantees.


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