John, just a short note to let you know the ducks are here. This photo is of mikes first limit. Our youth hunt in the north zone was incredible, With wave after wave of ducks sitting down in our decoys. This was truly one of those in your face duck hunts. Thanks again for everything that each and every one of you do. You help create memories that will last a life time. Mike, Bill

Jon, This picture was taken in the middle zone in Missouri [location deleted]. We showed up a tad bit later than we expected. We had our decoys set right at shooting time. I was only able to load 2 shells in my gun before we had a flock of mallards landing in our decoys. Between the three of us, we took 8 mallards. We limited out by 7:30 with mallards, gadwalls, teal and a pair of woodies. This is definitely one of my most memorable hunts. Thanks to Mid America Hunting for giving us a chance to have such a memory like this one. Regards Ronnie


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