This hunt was done 3 days before Christmas on a lease about 6 miles from water. With the wind at around 30 MPH the geese were coming in non-stop. Our first shot of the day had 50 Snows at 20 yards with 5,000 behind them. We started shooting doubles and triples and we knew this was going to be a great hunt. Both of us had only planned on hunting 1/2 a day due to having family in town and Christmas parties to attend later in the day. We had 21 geese by 11 am included 2 Speckelbellys of which we are holding up in the picture. While we were picking up the decoys we managed to shoot 8 more with a total being 29 geese for the day by 1 pm. Limiting out would of been a easy task due to the geese were still landing in the field after we picked up the decoys. But our hunt was very enjoyable and will be one not easy to beat.

Several years later Dennis sent in these pictures showing separate hunts on different properties. In each case the limit was not the fun of the hunt it is the consistency at being able to hunt on his schedule, over land in the right micro flyway that has the potential for recurring success. It is just a matter of what degree of success.


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