snow geeseJon- After hearing all the Snow Geese migrating I figured I better get out for a quick hunt. I only hunted until 8 AM. But it was worth it. I was able to get 2 flights of Snows to check out my meager spread and one lone Mallard. My competition was about 10,000 Snow Geese in an adjacent property so it was tough to get any thing to look at what I had. It was a good day. Besides who wants to carry anymore than this anyway.

We like Derrol not just because he sends in pictures, it is more because he simply enjoys the hunt. He always seems to have a good time and luck always seems to go his way. Thanks Derrol it is good to see you are having a good season.

Jon, John, Shaun:
The fall season is finally here after a long hot summer. Dove season was poor in the area Bill and I hunted but we did notice a lot of local Honkers in the area. Teal was as bad as Dove season but the Honkers were still there.

Today opened the local Honker season and they were still in the area we had seen them previously only this time the corn was cut and they were feeding on Club property.

It was a good morning with clear skies and a nice wind out of the south. Like clock work they made there appearance after the sun came up. We managed to get 4 out of the first group and then later after picture taking we managed 2 more to limit out for the day. Getting limits was just a bonus as it really felt good to be out and just watching the birds move across the sky and listening to there constant chatter.

Looking back on the Dove and Teal season I guess they weren't so bad as that time in the field gave us another great opportunity.

Good Association, Great Staff and wonderful properties to spend time on.

Thanks Again for all that you folks do .



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