Douglas and Zach

Dear MAHA,
I have enclosed 2 pictures of my son Zach "future MAHA member" and some geese harvested from association properties. I can't wait to start introducing my boys to some PRIMO hunting spots on MAHA property.

Needless to say my first year with the association was an adventure. Due to the vast amount of property MAHA provides almost every hunting, scouting and fishing trip was a new adventure. Thanks Shaun, Jon, and John for being patient with the new guy.

I joined the association with a main interest in waterfowl hunting with a secondary interest in turkey hunting. What I found was an unlimited opportunity to hunt just about anything and not be locked into a specialty. To me this is exciting! My hunting success this year resulted in a few ducks and geese and a deer. I expect as time moves on I will have bigger and better successes stories to tell.

Thanks for the Good Times and we pray we all will have many more.


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