Rex, Deb and Austin

Just thought I would drop you a line with a short account of our snow goose trip celebrating my sons graduation from high school. Overall it went well, although it started a little slow in [location deleted]. Austin had to get a look at some of the 1.5 million birds resting [location deleted].

It was awe inspiring to see how God has created the wonder of nature, and to see that many birds in one area. We set up in the area and only could manage 4 birds for a couple of days. There was a lot of pressure in the area from all the outfitters, so we decided to go and try a new area we have never hunted waterfowl in before. We headed to [location deleted], and that was the ticket. We had lots of unpressured birds that decoyed well, and our shooting was good as well. We tried some heavy shot this year, and I have to say it does make some kind of difference, up to 25 yds of additional range. We had two different spots where we took 22 birds in each, and even when taking pics, it seemed the birds were still coming in range.

Austin also harvested his very first snow goose band, what an exciting moment when he pulled that one up from the ground.

Any snow goose hunter know of all the gear, decoys and effort it takes to pull off a good hunt,

and even when we were cleaning the birds on the back of the quad, flocks were still coming over the field,

and Austin put in one last 3 1/2 heavy shot and dropped the final blue of the trip,making our trip total of 46 snows and blues.

We had a great trip and can't wait for the turkey season. Thanks for all the hard work in providing us with quality properties to hunt.
God Bless Rex, Deb, and Austin


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