missouri duck huntI wanted to send you the attached picture of my brother on a recent Misosuri duck hunt. He was able to come up from Lubbock, TX for 3 days of hunting last week. The thing that made this time special was not the number of ducks we harvested, but the time we spent together doing what we love to do. We did get enough to have a nice dinner though!

This was the first time he has ever been to Missouri to duck hunt and it was a good time. The ducks were not overwhelming, but it was a joy to watch them work. It was also a joy to watch my dog, Hank work. I have been working with him for 2 years and he is fun to watch retrieve.

Joining the club was the first opportunity I ever had to duck hunt, and now I can't get enough. I have learned everything I know by trial and error and hunting with other members. This season has truly been a joy for me and I hope the enclosed picture shows the joy my brother found duck hunting with the club. Sincerely, Robert

Later, Robert's friend David sent in another finely composed picture of Hank posing outside of one of our blinds. And, later yet. Robert sent in this photos of three happy duck hunters and two good looking dogs.

Here is another picture I have been meaning to send. This is from opening day. Matthew Carolan, David Ooms, myself, and Ron Lentz (taking the picture). As you can see by the smiles, we had a lot of fun (and we managed quite a few birds as well).


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