Big Creek Flyway - Urich Missouri Wetlands

big creek flyway urich blairstown missouri waterfowlHenry County, Missouri Waterfowl Hunting

Private wetlands access on the Big Creek Waterfowl Flyway. A micro flyway of the Mississippi Flyway with a long past history of market hunting.

Nearest towns: Urich.

Private duck clubs predominate this area.

Waterfowl hunting options are largely limited to hunting with a duck club. Or, our Association gives you this duck area as well as many more for much less the cost than any one of the single wetlands clubs in this area.

The difference between theses expensive unguided duck clubs and ours is we do not maintain an expensive lodge.

This area is an hour's drive from Kansas City, Missouri.

big creek flyway missouri blairstown urichOur Big Creek Missouri waterfowl hunting is pictured at the bottom of the picture at right.

The rest is just to show this entire area has large standing and moving water. Combined with crop ground attracts many ducks.

Thanks to Association hunter Dan, for the airplane ride and picture.

The slough in the aerial above.

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