Cass County Missouri Wetlands

cass missouri waterfowl huntingThe Cass County Wetlands includes 3550 acres of open crop stubble fields with 16 irrigation lakes for waterfowl hunting. Dove hunts and fishing for bass, crappie and channel catfish are also available to our members on this property, which is only a 30 minute drive from Kansas City, Missouri.

Each of the lakes cover 12 to 20 surface water acres surrounded by crop stubble for a combination of duck and goose hunting.

The goose season begins in September and runs on and off until the end of January, which opens a wide window of opportunity to hunt both ducks and geese.

Located 8 miles north of the Settle's Ford Wildlife Area, there is a lot of waterfowl flight activity in this area, especially late in the season for geese.

What it Looks like.

Cass County Missouri irrigation lakes waterfowl hunting

Above. The numbers and letters are our designation of hunting spots. Reservations would be to those spots for days of the hunter's choice.

Ducks on one of the irrigation lakes.

The remainder of the lakes at Cass.

1A is a 7 acre irrigation lake.

Access to the lake is a 1/2 mile walk from the road. Chest waders are required to place decoys and retrieve game.

The depth of the lake ranges from 1 to 10 feet.

The Settles Ford Wildlife area is 8 miles from this property which attracts large numbers of both ducks and geese.

A lot of the birds from Settles Ford and the Grand River Bottoms fly 5 to 10 miles to feed and escape the pressure from the nearby duck clubs.

For the hunter that does not own an ATV to haul decoys and gear to and from their hunting area, we recommend using a 2-wheel deer cart. They are very light weight and easy to pull to this wetlands area due to the surrounding firm ground.

The shallow end of the irrigation lake.

Large decoy spreads are not required. Two dozen mixed will give as good a result as 200. This is the water depth just off shore along the irrigation lake where the family of three hunters set up with their own layout blinds.

Not every day is a good day. On this one we watched many fly by not in the least bit interested in our decoys or calls. They were on the move and flew out of sight over the horizon. Even those of us that live here and work the birds regular cannot have the success we seek all the time. JW

The latest addition.

Cass Missouri

30 acre lake.

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