Iatan Missouri Goose Hunting

Missouri goose hunting at IatanIatan Missouri in Platte County referrs to the Iatan Power Plant that has a large cooling pool (open water through the winter) surrounded by crop land within the Missouri River Valley along the well known local flyway that includes the more heavily pressured Bob Brown and Squaw Creek Missouri State run waterfowl areas.

Total crop goose stubble acres, 220, dry sets only.

iatan power plant goose hunt

This lease is very self explanatory. When Squaw Creek Refuge freezes the 400,000+ geese migrate south on the Missouri River and disperse to open water. The Iatan power plant is one of the largest open water marshes in the area. On an overcast day decoys are not necessary.

Most waterfowl hunting areas allow for ATV access to place decoy spreads. When calling to make a reservation to spread decoys by ATV always double check to insure the field being reseved allows off road access.

Variety of private waterfowl land on proven flyways is a distinct advantage of our organization. Waterfowl hunters can follow the flights as they start from the north and progress south allowing for a longer hunting season. No other club in the area allows for such a range in habitat variety and dispersion.

The crop stubble field is 1/2 mile wide and over 1/2 long, which can accommodate a very large goose spread. Unless we have an extremely wet spring, this field is planted in corn the majority of the time.

Snow geese are the primary species in this area, but late season Canada geese and a variety of ducks flock to the open water on the Power plant when the majority of open water along the Missouri River freezes.

Access to the farm can be difficult when the roads are wet, but a half mile walk seldom deters an avid late season waterfowler from accessing private land bordering open water, that does not allow hunting on the Missouri River bottoms, 50 miles south of the Squaw Creek Refuge in Northwest Missouri.

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