Irrigation Lake Duck Hunt

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crop duck huntThis is a tough one to catch. It's a flock of Redheads taken off from an irrigation lake that was not getting hunted. If anyone is interested in hunting diver ducks, the irrigation and watershed lakes are our best bet. We had a good time this morning. We only killed 6 ducks, should have had at least twice that but it didn't happen. I didn't take any photos since we shot 2 hen mallards. Thousands of ducks and hundreds of shots around. TJ

inflight ducks

Irrigation lakes are exactly what they are titled and involve a manmade lake surrounded by crop land and a pivot steer irrigation sprinkler. They have deep water requiring a dog or boat for retrieves. They typically have a back water into a drainage that is often dry with weeds extending from in the water to dry land. No blinds are posted to the irrigation lakes and coffin blinds or any other man portable blind brought in by the members is permissible.

A common setup is both wet and field spreads with the same lakes being as good for regular duck as it is for late and spring goose. It is common for our hunters to have scouted or hunted several of our irrigation lakes and simply move to which may have the waterfowl any time during the season.

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