Wetlands Summer Maintenance Work

Henry D, from the north facing south. Lots of holding water for the hot summer months to come. Retaining water within some of wetlands through the summer plus this wetlands having a 12 acre reservoir lake as a backup water supply insures as much as we can that we will have water come duck season.

missouri wetlands

Our Henry Wetlands have separated pools on alternating years one or more of the pools will be drained and planted with milo preferably, or millet if spring weather is less favorable.

Another view of the same wetlands, different pool from that above.

waterfowl wetlands

Bruce poses to give relative size of one of the levees on the pool being drained in preparation for spring planting.

wetlands levee draining

Behind the scene projects like this are assumed and unnoticed by the average hunter. Three beaver holes in the levee were repaired. A ten hour project.

wetlands levee repair

Another pool on the same Mid-America Hunting Association private wetlands.

private wetlands

Next in this series on our Missouri wetlands.

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