November 26, 2018 Update


Susie and John. We’ve been hunting hard for the archery rut and finally found the mark on this 255-pound live weight 8 pointer. We saw several deer that would score much higher than this buck, but he was fully mature and offered a really nice 32-yard bow shot. For a couple of hard-core hunting Georgia boys this season has been spectacular. Thank you so much for all the great work you do for all of us out of state hunters. The 12 Hour drive seems to fly by when you have dreams of big bucks running those beautiful farms. Take care and great hunting! Member E.P.

Kansas Firearms and Iowa Shot Gun Deer Seasons

Kansas Firearms deer season opens Wednesday, November 28th and Iowa Shotgun season 1 opens Saturday, December 1st. As of Monday, November 26th we have 58 firearms deer hunters scheduled for Kansas and 10 in Iowa. This is a very comfortable number of hunters on the amount of land we have to offer.



Upland Bird

Upland Bird

Upland Bird

The next week 2 weeks will be a good time for upland bird hunters to explore Missouri since the deer hunters will take priority during this short period of time. The Upland bird season is 3 months long and the bulk of deer hunting takes place the month of November and early December. Good luck to all and as always be safe. We’ve had a burst of snow come through lately and the back roads will be extremely muddy. Use good judgement and back off when in doubt.


August 10, 2022 Update

Turkey Spotted these recently and was able to get a couple field shots as proof of either a late or second hatch. 3.5 Poult to

August 8, 2022 Update

Turkey Would like to tell you guys thank you for the opportunity, joining the club has been nothing but an awesome experience so far! Thank

August 5, 2022 Update

Turkey Jon,My boys and I had a great time chasing turkeys in all three states this year. They are getting old enough now that other

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