August 5, 2019 Update

Wetlands Maintenance and Food Plots

Wetlands maintenance is year round task with all the flooding and critters digging holes in the levees and plugging up the drain/intake pipes.

We drained the south wade-in area in Henry B and  planted Japanese mullet on the mud flats to feed the ducks this fall. In a couple of days we will make a second pass. 

August 8, 2022 Update

Turkey Would like to tell you guys thank you for the opportunity, joining the club has been nothing but an awesome experience so far! Thank

August 5, 2022 Update

Turkey Jon,My boys and I had a great time chasing turkeys in all three states this year. They are getting old enough now that other

August 1, 2022 Update

Upland Bird A couple of field shots from last January as a reminder of what’s just around the corner.

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