February 7, 2022 Update


Hello Susie and Jon,

I’ve officially wrapped up my year of hunting, and as I always do I wanted to share the success photos. This was a challenging year! I spent a great deal of time trying to get Katelynn her first deer. She learned a ton over the course of the season. She experienced the ultimate highs and also the lows that hunting can bring. She had two encounters with big shooter bucks. The first encounter found us distracted and just flat not ready. She had been watching a certain direction all morning and needed to move and stretch. While standing up and stretching, and also looking in the opposite direction, a big buck came out only 75 yards from us. He saw us immediately and Katelynn was not able to get her gun up and steadied in time. We had to watch the deer run off while we both stood there in shock. The next encounter was a week or so later and in that encounter she was offered a broadside shot at 100 yards or so. The deer literally gave her nearly a full minute to take a shot. I think during that time “buck fever” got to her. She simply missed and again we had to watch an even nicer deer run off. She later told me she thought she knew what adrenaline was, but had no idea what it could really do to you until that moment/encounter 😉

As for me…….I was able to get the deer in the attached photos. He was the nicest deer I saw all year, and I was very happy to be able to get him.

Thanks for all you do! We are already looking forward to the late winter scouting season!

Happy New Year!!!!



Dalton & Katelynn

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