July 13, 2020 Update


Kevin enjoying the dog days of summer with a nice bass from this past weekend.

Henry D

To make a long story short, the beavers plugged up the drain pipe at Henry D. We cleaned out the drain pipe and closed the gate to end a fruitless battle with Mother Nature.

We were able to make a couple of additional passes with millet on the north edge of the lake, which should total close to 10 acres. Hopefully the millet will take and we’ll have some food for the ducks this fall.




September 25, 2023 Update

Waterfowl Up until Saturday evening, our southern Missouri wetlands were the driest they have been in 20 years. Between Friday and Saturday, we had over

September 22, 2023

Deer Kansas muzzleloader season runs thru this Sunday. Pressure on MAHA land has been minimal once again, but the conditions have been tough with the

September 20, 2023 Update

Deer Tyler was able to fill his youth tag last weekend. Congratulations Tyler, over the years you’ve had a great run on MAHA land with

September 18, 2023 Update

Waterfowl I’ve been a club member for a few years but never duck hunted before. The lab pictured here named Jinx is a rescue that

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