June 19, 2019 Update

Waterfowl Hunting

We have plans to drain parts of Linn A, Henry A and Henry D to do some dirt work and plant food plots, but it needs to dry up to do so. The month of July is prime millet planting conditions, so we still have plenty of time. It’s not official but it would almost be safe to say all ponds, lakes and pits on MAHA leased land are currently full.


A two-man limit of early teal from this past fall.


Four Canadas from a 2018-19 late season goose hunt. The fall seasons will be here before you know it.

New Member Dues

Once again, we are raising the dues $150 for new members, family upgrades, etc. beginning July 5th.

The wheat harvest in Kansas typically begins early to mid June and and is completed by mid-July. This year wheat harvest is behind schedule due to the cooler temps and spring rains.

Since wheat is prime pheasant nesting habitat, the delay in the Kansas wheat harvest may enhance the pheasant hatch. Time will tell. One thing is for certain,we will have a lot of cover.

August 10, 2022 Update

Turkey Spotted these recently and was able to get a couple field shots as proof of either a late or second hatch. 3.5 Poult to

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