June 20, 2018 Update


Good afternoon John and Susie,

Hunter and I were able to have some success this year.  As always, the kid seems to always out do me anymore lol.   That is ok to see him have success and I can live with him shooting the bigger bird. (Mine will taste better).  The only bad part about the hunt was the ticks seemed to be bad this year.  The bird Hunter shot was a true limb hanger but after he shot it we noticed that he shot a lot of the beard off.  He came in with his tail up and would not stop.  Finally, I whispered and told him he better shoot since the bird was within 15 yards head on.  Could not wait anymore and the turkey was still coming I think it would have gotten within 5 yards of us.  After we got the bird Hunter could not wait to get his camo off, so he went and changed. He asked me if it was a limb hanger and I said yes so that is why he is out of camo.  It was his first bird that had that good of spurs.  About 1 5/8 inches long.

Good job Jeremy and Hunter. You guys get after it in a casual manner and seem to find constant success. Good luck this fall with your new bird dog.




On the 2018 Spring Turkey Overview we published the most beards harvested was 4, but later discovered it was 5 by member Skip. He didn’t know what he had until he approached the bird, but it would have scored high on the Kansas Non-Typical Records. Congrats Skip and thanks for sharing a photo with us.



It’s been blistering hot the last week or so in the Midwest, but we’ve had some good showers recently in most of our regions. Good news is the temperatures are predicted to drop over the next 4 to 5 days and there is a good chance for rain also.


A photo from last week of a potential farm in NW Kansas for upland bird hunting. For this time of the year the grass is green and conditions are ideal for upland bird reproduction.


August 10, 2022 Update

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