March 12, 2021 Update



2020 deer season was great!  We didn’t spend nearly as much time as I would have liked to have but it’s a chance to get away and spend some quality time with my daughters. She did kill a small buck and it wasn’t the biggest one we had seen but it was the one she had the best shot at and things just worked out for it. She made a 135 yd shot with a .243. Shes 13 yo and she and I have always had a good relationship but this one thing of hunting and the anticipation that goes along with it from the buying the the tags, her getting new clothes cause she outgrew the last years ones, getting her membership card in the mail, and getting online and looking at maps, has brought us to a point in our relationship that I could not have dreamed of. We appreciate the opportunity to hunt with your organization and see the things we do. We have met some cool people along the way. Thanks again Jon, we are looking forward to turkey season!!!



This is what it’s all about.  Keep up the good work guys and gals!!

June 22, 2022 Update

Turkey Hello Jon and Susie, Wanted to shoot over a recap of my 2022 turkey season. Like many other hunters, my season was plagued by

June 17, 2022 Update

Several landowners have reported that tree stands were left on their property. They removed and disposed of them since our agreement is, all stands will

June 15, 2022 Update

Fishing The fishing pressure has been light and we have a lot of water available to the members to fish. Good luck to everyone!

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