March 5, 2018 Update



The last few years Travis and I would take a trip to Mound City and pay a guide to hunt snow geese. Since you and the MAHA crew do such a fine job of obtaining land in the major flight paths, we decided to put that money we would spend on that yearly trip into upgrading our own spread. We were able to set a spread and hunt 4 consecutive days. Here are a few pictures from that hunt.

This is Day 1:

Morning of Day 2:

Evening of day 2 (these are in addition to the morning numbers):

From Day 3:

And from Day 4:

Thanks for the opportunity to hunt like this. We look forward to increasing our spread and to improve our numbers next year.

Thanks, Bryan

Good job guys, we have a lot of fields the snow geese use every year that don’t get utilized. It’s good to see some snow goose usage!

August 10, 2022 Update

Turkey Spotted these recently and was able to get a couple field shots as proof of either a late or second hatch. 3.5 Poult to

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