May 24, 2019 Update


We’ve recently been scouting potential new farms to stay ahead of the game before fall arrives. Below is a 105 acre lease pending in Western Kansas.


TJ moving a dozen small bass from Cass B 4 a to 4 b. We’ve stocked fingerlings and moved small bass for 2 years now. Next summer pond 4 b should be ready to fish.


With all of the rain we have had recently it’s good to see a successful hatch from a ground nesting bird, but at least these little guys can swim.


November 18, 2022 Update

Upland Bird We haven’t had much feedback from the Kansas upland bird opener, but what we’ve heard is the quail numbers are decent, but the

November 14, 2022 Update

Deer A most impressive buck from one of our members this past weekend.Congratulations that’s a buck of a lifetime!

November 11, 2022 Update

Deer From two 17-year members from this past week. Congratulations once again. Your hard work paid off. Missouri Firearms Deer The Missouri firearms deer season

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