May 4, 2018 Update





My son Jacob got it done this past weekend with his biggest bird. 24lbs, 10-inch beard and 1 1/2 spurs. We couldn’t make it happen for my youngest boy Tyler, we came close! It’s been a tradition to go Turkey hunting over my birthday, and 4 years in a row we got a bird on my birthday. The best gift is spending time with my boy’s. We noticed a down turn in numbers of Turkey’s this year. Hope this year is a good hatch. Thanks for everything! Jason

Congratulation once again Jason. Jacob and Tyler have had more success than a lot of adult hunters. Keep up the good work. You’re a great dad!


Wasn’t able to close the deal on a turkey this morning, but I didn’t come home empty handed. Nice to have a backup plan!



August 8, 2022 Update

Turkey Would like to tell you guys thank you for the opportunity, joining the club has been nothing but an awesome experience so far! Thank

August 5, 2022 Update

Turkey Jon,My boys and I had a great time chasing turkeys in all three states this year. They are getting old enough now that other

August 1, 2022 Update

Upland Bird A couple of field shots from last January as a reminder of what’s just around the corner.

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