November 16, 2018 Update

Upland Bird

The reports for the Kansas upland bird opener have been slow due to a lot of cover, standing crops and not as many birds as KDWP predicted. The good news is the season runs through January and we have a lot of time.

UplandFirst year member Don

Hello Jon

Walked 50 feet from your Yellow sign and bagged this one. One a day is enough for me.  I like the exercise and dog action

Saw about 14 pheasant today bout 50 /50 cocks hens.

Regards, Don 

A photo from member Brandy of an opening day Missouri pheasant limit. Appears Missouri and Iowa upland bird might be a sleeper this season.

Missouri Firearms Deer

Farms still available for Saturday, November 17th:

Andrew A – 16abcdefg

Atchison A – Entire Map

Atchison B – 6,8,10,17

Atchison C – 14, 23ab

Atchison D – Entire Map

Buchanan A – 7abcd, 14ab, 16, 20, 29, 30ab, 31

Caldwell B – Entire Map

Caldwell C – Entire Map

Caldwell D – 25abe

Caldwell E – 4a

Callaway A – 29ab, 35abde

Cass C – Entire Map

Clinton A – 33acd

Cooper A – 24abde, 29abcdef

Daviess A – 10abde, 5ab, 11

Daviess B – Entire Map

Daviess D – 8ab, 7

Gentry A – Entire Map

Gentry D – Entire Map

Grundy A – 2ab – 23abcd, 26ac

Grundy C – 2 – 33ad

Harrison A – 23abc

Harrison B – 15, 16, 25abcefgh

Harrison D – Entire Map

Holt A – Entire Map

Holt B – Entire Map

Holt C – Entire Map

Howard A – 1abcdfghi

Johnson A – 35b

Knox B – Entire Map

Linn B – 5abcd, 8, 9, 10, 15ab, 16, 32ab

Linn C – 4, 5acd, 6a, 7, 13, 29abcd, 30abcde

Linn D – Entire Map

Livingston A – Entire Map

Livingston B – Entire Map

Livingston C – Entire Map

Macon A – 5bcd

Mercer A – 33abde

Mercer B – 19, 30ab, 32ab

Mercer C – Entire Map

Mercer D – 31abcd

Nodaway A – Entire Map

Nodaway E – Entire Map

Pettis A – 30bcde

Polk A – 22a, 24abcde

Ray A – 1, 3abc, 6, 8ab, 9, 11abcd, 12ab, 14abcdf, 15ab

Ray C – Entire Map

Ray D – 30abcefg

Saline A – 10, 11, 14, 23, 24bc, 28, 36

Saline B – 1, 3, 5, 4d, 33ab

Taney A – Entire Map

Vernon A – Entire Map

Vernon B – Entire Map

Vernon C – 30ab

Vernon D – Entire Map

Worth A – Entire Map


November 28, 2022 Update

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